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Siding Installation for Morehead City, NC

Traditional Vinyl Siding

Home with red vinyl siding installation in Morehead City, NC

"Love It or Hate It, Vinyl Is Here To Stay"

"We've added technology and subtracted boredom."

Siding products have come and gone, and yet vinyl Siding still remains the dominant siding product used throughout the US. Bob Vila from This Old House states “….today's vinyl siding is weather- and insect-proof, fade-resistant, and virtually indestructible under normal circumstances” Homeowners simply like that fact that they will never have to paint their home exterior again. For that matter and the fact that vinyl siding generally costs about 25% less than... let's say Hardie Siding or LP SmartSide Siding.
Shiplap and Dutchlap (click to read more)
Shiplap & Dutchlap Siding - Siding in Jacksonville, NC Shiplap & Dutchlap Siding - Siding in Jacksonville, NC
Beaded Panel (click to read more)
Beaded Panel - Siding in Jacksonville, NC
Board & Batten (click to read more)
Board & Batten - Siding in Jacksonville, NC
Solid Vinyl with the look of Hardie (click to expand)
Solid Vinyl with the look of Hardie - Siding in Jacksonville, NC
Scalloped Vinyl (click to read more)
Scalloped Vinyl - Siding in Jacksonville, NC

Hand Split Vinyl Shake (click to read more)
Hand Split Vinyl Shake - Siding in Jacksonville, NC
Perfection Vinyl Shake (click to read more)
Perfection Vinyl Shake - Siding in Jacksonville, NC

"Insulated Siding from Atlantic Coastal is Unquestionably a Way to Transform the Beauty of your Home


Insulated Vinyl Siding

In southeast North Carolina, vinyl siding is one the most popular choices for remodeling and new construction. It delivers the appearance of wood without the costly time consuming maintenance and painting of other siding options.

This product will not split, peel, rot or ever become dated. Because the color of the siding product is consistent through the entire panel, it never needs to be scraped, stained or time spent with re painting. The insulated backer is mixture of neopor & kevlar. This makes the panel sturdy and is stiff with an insulation with an R-value of 4, that will help keep you home more energy efficient.
Insulated vinyl siding - Roofing, Siding and Window Professionals in Jacksonville, NC

"Insulates against everything but jealous neighbors"

It is also a very smart financial move. Saving energy means saving money on your monthly power bill. Our siding is scientifically designed to add to ...
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"Insulating Value"

Our EPS insulation offers outstanding moisture protection while reducing thermal bridging, or loss of heat through the wall framing. And, its ...
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"Made Better To Look Better, and Last Better"

Atlantic Coastal Siding Features:
Features and Benefits

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement
  • Industry-leading Double Lifetime Warranty includes color and hail protection
  • Reduces noise by up to 45%200% stronger bond with our TXL™ Lamination Technology
  • Reduces thermal conductivity
  • Bold, contemporary styles
Insulated vinyl siding - Roofing, Siding and Window Professionals in Jacksonville, NC